Current Status

No Plan Is Perfect .... Blessed are the flexible!  Our KCFC Family has stayed together in spirit throughout this season by phone, social media, emails and other shelter-at-home methods, but we are excited to be able to bring our congregation back together physically.   We will also continue our online services.  Thank you for your grace and patience as we navigate this unprecedented time.

OUR PLAN IS TO REOPEN ON JUNE 7, 2020, barring any additional developments or city recommendations. To assist us in providing the highest level of safety, the following 2-Phase plan will be implemented:


  • Services at 9:00am and 11:00am will be held to a one-hour duration, allowing for appropriate entry and egress and sanitation between services.  (Online Services will run both times) There will be no in-church Sunday School meetings in Phase 1.  Classes who meet electronically, etc., will continue to do so.
  • People with mobility issues are asked to park in the front State Line lot for easy access through the State Line Entrance.  All others are asked to park in the back, and enter through the Canopy Entrance.
  • A designated traffic flow will provide social distancing, and volunteers will direct you to your seat safely and promptly.
  • Offering Drop Boxes will be in place at the entrance to the Sanctuary for your giving convenience.  Continued on line giving is encouraged.
  • Masks are recommended but not required.  Volunteers and KCFC staff will wear masks.  The church will not be able to provide masks to attendees.
  • Upon entering the church, all members will be offered a sanitizer spray for their hands.
  • Personnel will be in place in the Sanctuary to assist you to your pews, following social guidelines.  Households and families are encouraged to sit together, and every other row will be utilized, providing the necessary social distancing.
  • Arriving 15-30 minutes early will assist in the traffic flow and maintaining social distancing.
  • The sanctuary, restrooms and other contact points will be thoroughly sanitized between the 9am and 11am service.
  • Children’s and nursery services will not be offered for the first several weeks.  KCFC Leadership is monitoring these regulations and will reopen this ministry as soon as we feel it is safe.
  • For the safety of the attendee, restrooms are encouraged for urgent use only.  Attendees are encouraged to use the restroom before arriving. Sanitizer will be available restrooms for your use.
  • No refreshments, snacks, food and drink of any kind will be offered.
  • We ask our KCFC family to refrain from shaking hands, hugging and all forms of contact.  Please be considerate of each other and all levels of concern, vulnerability, and belief regarding this pandemic. 
  • Although we encourage those with health vulnerabilities to stay home, we will not turn anyone away.  The Westside Foyer is reserved for anyone who might fall into the highly vulnerable populations.
  • We have identified the number of seats in the sanctuary that comply with current Kansas City, MO mandates regarding social distancing.  Once this capacity has been met, additional safe seating will be offered in the gym, and any further overflow will be directed to the Fellowship Hall.
  • Dismissal at the conclusion of the service will be row by row, and follow a designated traffic flow out of the building.
  • All fellowship and conversations should be taken outside the building where the spread of the virus is decreased to a very low risk. Please follow social distancing guidelines while outside.
  • Phase 2 is being determined but will include Sunday School, Children's Ministries and other activities.

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