music & worship arts

One of the ways we pursue our mission of making Christ-like disciples is to be intentional about regular times of corporate worship as a family. We gather to proclaim God’s “worth-ship,” to glorify Him and enjoy Him. We express to God, and remind each other, just how good and great and present He is. As we worship Him this way, things are put right between Him and us. We recognize Him for who He is and ourselves for who we are. And we anticipate the day when all creation flows in full, unbroken harmony with Him. Our one hour gathered together is designed to prepare us for an entire week overflowing with joyful, living, loving worship.

Our KCFC Worship Arts ministry is made up of individuals who sacrificially offer their talents every week to lead us in corporate worship, as we learn how to magnify the Lord together. If you would be interested in learning more about our choir, orchestra, worship team, drama ministry, or tech teams, please contact the Pastor Darwin Speicher (816.942.9022 or